hello, new blog | snaps at the park

IMG_4081About 90% of my photos from the last year have been from walks in parks or the countryside. I swayed towards nature photography because it’s been my GCSE art focus for a year now, and although I only meant to just get pictures for a page of my sketchbook, natural form has kinda become my ‘thing;’ what I love to do the most.IMG_4079The photos in this post are all from a trip to the country park, back when I first got my 100d – nature’s the perfect subject to get used to a new camera with. I shot these on my camera’s auto setting, and was quite surprised when they came out better than I thought!IMG_4082Though I don’t think any of these photos are brilliantly framed, and the focus is a bit dodgy in places, these are some of my favourite photos taken with my 100d. There’s something really tranquil-feeling about them.IMG_4053CAMERA: canon eos 100d

LOCATION: local park

DATE: june 2015


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