Amsterdam #1| Photogenic Food

At the beginning of the month, I went on a four day trip to Amsterdam. I think I’ll be making multiple blog posts of it – I took so many photos and I’ve just gotten my new Photoshop / Lightroom package, so I’m looking forward to playing around with my Amsterdam shots on there!

So, #Amsterspam post one – eateries. Most were so pretty, the places you’d see on fancy Instagram feeds. Here’s my favourites.
IMG_3658IMG_3655IMG_3652CLOUD ART & COFFEE was a gorgeous, minimalist shop that did breakfast food and drinks. It showcased some really abstract, ethereal artwork on its walls, that looked like it was inspired by coral reefs. This was the place where I discovered stroopwafels, aka the best food ever. It was also the first of many places I was served tea in a glass which weirdly is nicer than tea in a mug.IMG_3849IMG_3875IMG_4125VLAAMSCH & BROODHUY was practically opposite the hotel and I ended up going three times. Much of that was spent taking pictures of the inside, because it was SO PRETTY. The bakery had an awesome rustic feel to it and the food was great – especially the tarts and pastries.PicMonkey Collage

FROZZ was a Frozen Yoghurt chain I stumbled across in a shopping district. Photos of what I bought were pretty rushed and not as fancy as my ones from the previous two places, but these were too amazing not to put in. Mango flavoured frozen yoghurt, plus a huge buffet of toppings. Crushed stroopwafel was my favourite, obviously.

Expect some more Amsterdam snaps soon!

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

LOCATION: amsterdam

DATE: august 2015

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