Natural Form | Double Exposure Portraits

I’m currently taking GCSE Art (more about that in a future blog post, maybe) and the exam board’s first sketchbook theme is Natural Form. For most of the last school year, my whole class has been doing nature-based art pieces like ink and pencil observations of leaves and flowers.IMG_5134

I do really like that kind of thing, but I’ve never really gotten to use photography elements in my coursework – until a few months ago, where I got permission to do an extra piece, after I flailed a lot about how pretty multiple exposure photography is. IMG_5135

I took to Pinterest (Ah, Pinterest, ily my bby) to hunt down some photographers who made multiple exposure images that heavily featured all things natural, to coincide with my sketchbook’s theme. I took a lot of inspiration from beautiful artists like Aneta Ivanova and Christoffer Relander, amongst many others, whose images really stand out to me in the widely growing multiple exposure trend.IMG_5297 copyI actually created some of the images in this post in other editing software before I got Photoshop – but half of them were made through teaching myself Photoshop skillz based on what I’d read on blogs I’d found through Pinterest.IMG_5302 copy

I’m actually quite happy with the way they turned out! They’re far from perfect, but better than I thought they would be, and I’d love to try some more multiple exposure photography in the future. Maybe with a little more colour next time? Moody and dark was kinda the theme of this series and I’d love to experiment with something else.IMG_5508

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

LOCATION: portraits: at home (thanks lil bro) / sea: in amsterdam / trees: in local parks

DATE: july / august 2015


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