Thoughts on Paper | A Look at my Journal

Alternate title: It was raining. I couldn’t go out and take pictures. So instead of doing homework I took photos of stuff in my room.

Since I got into photography, I’ve devoted less and less time to making things that don’t involve a camera and Photoshop. In fact, the only on-paper art I do is in my art classes. So at the beginning of this year, I decided to set myself a journal project.journal

This is my journal. It’s not a dear diary thing. It’s not really anything in particular. More of a mishmash of all the stuff I love and the things in my head.journal3

I wanted it to be really artsy and pretty, but it’s basically become a place I stick all the things I like but don’t know where to put, like photography I cut out of my magazines and tickets.journal5During school time, it serves as a place to jot down art homework.journal1

Also, about half of the pages are song lyrics I’ve copied down because I like them. And playlists. Making playlists is therapeutic.journal6

This isn’t a journal, or a scrapbook, it’s somewhere in between – whenever I want to make something, I grab a pen or some scissors and glue and mess around on a page. It never has to be neat like my art work in school does, which is satisfying. It never looks brilliant or Pinterest-worthy… But it’s one of my favourite hobbies.journal4This post doesn’t really have a point or a message – apart from maybe give journalling a go. It’s a really enjoyable hobby and it doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad at art.

CAMERA: canon eos 100d
DATE: 23/8/15


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