Amsterdam #2 | Black & White

#Amsterspam post number two. Let’s go.

IMG_3660Amsterdam is such a beautiful city and colour is everywhere – from the graffiti on the sides of buildings to the bikes lining the canals. But ever since discovering Vivian Maier, street photographer, months ago, I’ve been in love with black and white street photography. I don’t normally lean in the direction of the things she shot, but I admire her framing, composition, and ability to give everyday scenes a new perspective.
IMG_3759-RecoveredI’ve never tried street photography before, and I didn’t even do so intentionally in Amsterdam. But I was sorting through photos for a second blog post, and I thought maybe I could experiment a bit.IMG_39440^ Obligatory Vivian-Maier-esque selfie.
IMG_3989I’m still not completely familiar with Photoshop, so I’m still fumbling around a lot. These shots were originally all really vibrant so I’ve been playing around with changing the tones of individual colours in B&W. I’ll probably look back in this in years and groan at how amateurishly-edited they are, but ah well.
IMG_4067I think #Amsterspam no. 3 will be super vibrant! Also, probably, full of canals and boats bikes. Because I’ve just managed to make two Amsterdam blog posts without. I don’t know how, either.

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

LOCATION: amsterdam

DATE: august 2015

Amsterdam #1 | Photogenic Food 

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