Flowers and Foliage | My Favourite Macro Shots

I mentioned in my first blog post here that I always steer towards photographing natural form – and I do no matter where I am.IMG_4366This is a compilation post of all of my favourite macro images from the past few months. Most were taken  in England, in parks and the countryside, but some were taken in Amsterdam too, like the one below.
IMG_3934I’m only using a 35-55mm lens at the moment, but as macro photography is something I’d love to improve on, I’m looking into macro lenses. I’m still fumbling around blindly online for them, as I’ve never used anything outside of my 35-55mm with my current camera.
IMG_3663Catching droplets on plants is really fun. I like to make sure that flowers aren’t the only thing in the image, because otherwise it gets repetitive. Adding another subject to the photo always makes an image more engaging. I also try to catch insects. Bees are awesome:IMG_3757I think one of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with macro photography is because I love bright, colourful and textured images – and luckily now I have Photoshop, my macro results are a lot more satisfying.journal7Although I mainly shoot with my 100d now, I don’t think I could ever part with my Powershot – Going over photos I’ve taken in the last year, many of my favourites were taken with it, like the last two photos in this post –
Magenta Flower
Admittedly, this last one did go through a lot of colour readjustments as the original was a little hazy…Fiery Flower

CAMERA: canon eos 100d & canon powershot sx510hs

DATE: 2014-2015

LOCATION: england and amsterdam


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