Cameras | My Vintage Fair Finds

camera_1I know next to nothing about using older cameras than the Canon / Fujifilm SLRs I’ve used in the past. But I’m hopelessly obsessed with them. The images they produce are beautiful, and I often prefer dreamlike photo outcomes on film to digital camera results. I love their appearances too. Yes, I have a Pinterest board.camera11camera1All of the cameras shown in this post were bought at a local vintage fair. I think the owner assumed them to be broken – I think two of these were 50p – and I assumed they were too, so they’ve been sitting on my shelf just looking pretty for months.camera2 camera22I thought they all looked attractive enough to do a mini photo-shoot with, and my dad walked in on me whilst I was arranging them. He took a look at them, opening them up and examining the insides. There was no film of course, and despite their neglected conditions, apparently they weren’t actually missing any components – they’re useable!camera3camera33So, my plan is to take these to a camera specialist sometime soon, to see if they’re definitely worth trying out – and I’ve looked into buying some 35mm film that’ll fit the Kodak Brownie and the camera missing its label (sidenote – anyone know what make this one is? I’m thinking Nikon?). If all goes well, maybe experimenting with shooting on film will be my next experiment.

I actually wrote this post about a month ago, and since then I’ve picked up a couple more beautiful old cameras, including a really nice Polaroid Colour Swinger! Soooo maybe a Vintage Fair Finds #2 is in order soon 🙂

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

LOCATION: home (cameras bought in local fairs)

DATE: 23/8/15


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