Smoke + Mirrors | Imagine Dragons at the O2

Note: These are not good quality pictures. Most are blurry, all are at like 30x zoom. I just really want to put a recap of the night on the internet, because it was great. 😀


This was my first concert and it was awesome. I’ve been a fan of Imagine Dragons for years –  since I first heard Radioactive when it played on the credits of The Host in the cinema. id7I vaguely knew of Sunset Sons before I knew they’d be opening for Imagine Dragons – and they were so good live. I’ll definitely be listening to them a lot more, because I still had a few of their songs stuck in my head the day after. Hella catchy. After the whole show had finished, I got the chance to meet them too, which was really cool.id8Luckily, our tickets were quite close to the stage, so we had a really great view. The photo above was only zoomed in a little – I was quite impressed that my Powershot managed to get some good (although a lil blurry), close-up photos of the band:
id3id9id4The best song live was definitely The Fall – it was the last on the set list and it was such a visually pretty performance too, with all of the falling leaves at the end! So autumnal. So emotional.
idid5CAMERA: canon powershot sx510hs

DATE: 4/11/15

LOCATION: o2 arena, london

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