Photography Experiments | Paint

I always want to try out new things in photography, and Pinterest is my favourite place to go to look for ideas – there’s always lots of artsy concepts and ideas that I wish I could be good enough to do. I keep seeing really beautiful photos of ink and food colouring droplets in water, like this one, captured as the colour is spreading. There’s something I really like about them so I thought I’d try!IMG_6754

Obvs, mine are nowhere near as good as the glamorous, professional ones that made me want to try this out. You can tell because there’s reflections in the glasses and everything. Snazzy. So profesh. I actually took all of these photos in, like, ten minutes without any proper planning or thought. Aka I was bored of the homework I was doing so needed to do something different for a while.


I set my camera on a continuous shoot for each colour so I could get multiple shots, and although I do have some ink, I wasn’t sure how these would come out / if it would be worth using it so I used watercolour paint.
output_8acGwmI set my camera to take multiple shots at a time so I could pick the best ones, but as I was editing them I thought maybe I could try and develop them a little further. They’re pretty jumpy, as I’m not great at making them and I only have batches of about five shots per colour, but I had a go at GIFs!output_ROn1SpI would really love to have another go at these shots in the future, properly, when I have the time to!

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 16/11/15



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