Love You To Death | Tegan and Sara at KOKO London

A week ago, I saw Tegan and Sara live for the first time, on one of their first shows celebrating LY2D, their new album. I will never, ever forget this concert – the first of hopefully many tns shows to come. And, by pure luck, I was right in the front row. I knOWWWWW.


Supporting on the night was Oscar – a brilliant band I’m now really getting into! Oscar was a brilliant singer, and very funny but truthful – performing songs about breaking phones and dedicating one to remaining in the EU (oh, how sad it was to wake up to the news two days later).


I discovered Tegan and Sara unexpectedly, just over two years ago now, and it’s no exaggeration to say that my life would be incredibly different if I hadn’t found them. From Heartthrob all the way back to Under Feet Like Ours, their music is stunning. My band obsessions will come and go, but Tegan and Sara will always stay with me.


No matter what genre they’re playing in, their music is amazing. Whether it’s pop synth or acoustic guitar, it’s stuck in your head for hours. No matter what album, the lyrics hit you hard and are more relatable than anything.


I love how, despite being nearly two decades into a career, Tegan and Sara still come across as the most authentic and funny live performers. The acoustic older songs they played were incredibly powerful, and the newer, pop-infused songs like Stop Desire and Boyfriend were impossible to not dance to.


Their stage banter between songs was also brilliant. Everyone in the audience kept switching from feeling very emo at songs like Call it Off, to laughing uncontrollably at their remarks, like what Sara would do for a million dollars, and how Tegan’s trying out a new dance move.


Tegan and Sara shows are like safe spaces, full of the most diverse and amazing crowds. I loved it (to death – album punz). Before performing Where Does The Good Go (easily one of my favourite songs of all time), Tegan took the time to tell everyone in the audience that they had to be strong and keep going and live how they want, in the wake of the Orlando Pulse shooting. Undoubtedly it was the most teary-eyed moment of the night, and I’m really glad the band go out of their way to spread their message.


It was amazing to be around so many people like me, who understood why I love Tegan and Sara so much. I was too nervous to say hi to some people I’ve known online for a while – but the few people I did meet were so, so lovely. This is the best fanbase, and I’m so glad to be a part of it. I cannot wait for them to come back to England next year!

CAMERA: canon powershot sx510hs

DATE: 22/06/16

LOCATION: KOKO, Camden, London

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