Before & After: A Self Portrait Series

n.b. these are not fanceh photos, they are not intended to be, i mean the backdrop is literally my mess of a room. they’re just meant to be recording a big change. that’s alllll. enjoy.

My hair and me. We have a strange relationship. For the first fourteen years of my life, it was always its strange natural colour – sort of blonde, sort of ginger, something my family labelled as “strawberry blonde” but really it was more ginger than anything. I didn’t dislike it hugely – the name calling in school was immature and tedious, not damaging. But nonetheless, I decided to start messing around with it.

I tried to grow out my very full fringe in my last years of primary school. It was awful and thin when I started secondary school. I dip dyed it red. I had it cut into bobs, then grew it out again, over and over and over. A couple of years ago, I dyed it all pink, and I’ve been doing that (when I’m not at school) ever since.


I love dying my hair and experimenting with it, but the main problem has always been the length of my hair. Sometimes I don’t mind it long, and I can put up with it, and even like it some days. But there are so many things about it that bug me. I don’t like the maintenance or the way it looks on me a lot of the time.


I’ve always wanted short hair, and I’ve always hated the premonition that it’s for boys. It really isn’t. It’s just the way some people want their hair. Like me. And this is the best time to finally do it – I’ve just finished secondary school, and I’m starting two very different and very important years of my life. It’s gonna be a big change, and a new fresh start. In multiple ways.


So, here we go. The photos above were before. Now for after. 


IT’S SO SHORT. I LOVE IT. The hairdresser kept hesitating, and asking me if I was totally sure, and at first I was kinda internally going AAAHHHHH but then I thought screw it, I’ll regret it if I don’t actually get it cut. So I did. And I kept asking for it to go shorter and now it’s like this and I’m so happy with it.


I thought I might really miss my long hair, but I don’t, not really. This is so much easier and more like me. I’m probably going to get lots of questions, especially when I go back to school – people will likely wonder why on earth I wanted to cut of “all of this lovely hair” (I’ve heard it in many, many debates). But hey. It’s practical, it’s easier, it feels so much better and I like it. It’s the physical part of my new start.


CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 31/8 – 1/9/16


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