Overgrown Underground: The Crystal Palace Subway

I’d read a lot about the Crystal Palace subway – this abandoned, mostly underground space was opened to the public today for open house. It’s a really cool space, with some incredible architecture and a lot of history.img_1995img_2007

Orginally, this place was built in the mid 1800s. You can only access a small section of it now, but it’s easy to see how massive this place was, and how many Victorian Londoners used this station as a way to get to the Crystal Palace up until it burned down.img_1971img_1966

During World War 2, it was also used as an air-raid shelter – something I only discovered once I’d gotten home! Modifications were made to it so it could shelter a couple of hundred people during bombings.img_2067img_2054

It was really strange to walk around it and hear all of the history that has taken place there, whilst looking at the condition of it now. It’s really strangely beautiful – the layout is awesome, and I loved the overgrown condition of it. Plants have entirely covered some archways, and dangle down form others. img_2045img_1999

It can get very busy, as visiting the subway has become quite popular – but I can imagine when it’s empty it’s quite spooky! It definitely looks so, from all of these photos I managed to get that don’t have other tourists in.img_1976

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 18/9/16

LOCATION: crystal palace park, london

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