Salvaging Photos | Editing in RAW

Most images I post online go through a lot of post-processing, as I’m in the process of teaching myself Photoshop skills, and love making my work more dynamic and finding ways to improve it.

I often take many photos that look rather dull or have washed out colours, just because of rubbish natural lighting. This is a post focusing on one image that I salvaged recently – don’t discard those seemingly bad photos! They can be saved! 😛

Tip number one – if you’re able to, shoot in RAW. Everything photo I take is recorded in RAW and JPEG – I use the latter as a backup, but I love RAW images for all of the freedom you have with it. These file types are uncompressed, so while they do take up a lot of storage – it means you can manipulate them in lots of ways, whereas options are limited with JPEG photos.


Above is the original image, open in my RAW editing panel in Photoshop. It looks so bland – it’s just something I casually shot on a street in London whilst walking. But I wanted to fiddle around with it and see if I could revive it.


For this image, I only worked on the basic stuff – the sliders you see on the right. Above is the image with a couple of adjustments. I emphasised the shadows and the black tones, to give the image some more texture, but it was still missing something.


Contrast!! This is a slider I usually avoid using because I’m much too scared that it’ll look like I’m over-editing. However, I think the increasing contrast is what really made this photo – it’s made the colours so much more vibrant and eye catching.


Here’s a side by side comparison, of the image detail before and after! I’m really happy with how this image turned out. It’s nothing special, composition-wise, but it was great to practice my editing on.

I might do some more Photoshop insights in the future, I like making these posts! What would you like to see me do?


CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 10/9/2016

LOCATION: london / edited at home obvs


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