Urban Canvas | Exploring Shoreditch

Over my half term week, I had the opportunity to work at Wieden + Kennedy, with a group of awesome people, to learn new programs and about how advertising works.

It was a brilliant week – I’d love to go into a creative job in advertising. I enjoy filming and obvs photography, and this week’s given me the skills to develop my interests – because school has been draining all the creativity I’d been able to hold on to.



On my last day of work experience, instead of going to a Costa before the day started, I spent half an hour wandering around the area with my camera, snapping everything.



I’d been exploring throughout the week, but every time you walk up a street, you notice something new. It’s honestly the most artistic, creative space.



There’s not a single blank wall – everywhere is a canvas, and everything from posters to mosaics to huge graffitied paintings line the walls and shutters of shops.


It’s so beautiful, and no matter how long you spend there, each time you go down a street you notice something new.


I took so many photos it’s quite frankly ridiculous. So here’s the majority of them – this is gonna be a long post.img_3828img_3868

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