Geometric Portraits| Drawing in Photoshop

The other week I was on Pinterest, and I stumbled across a tutorial on how to create geometric style portraits in Adobe Illustrator. I don’t have Illustrator, but I went through the tutorial anyway, because it looked so cool.

Stupidly I thought the process could translate into Photoshop, but of course it can’t! I thought I’d try my hand at making something similar, anyway – Photoshop doesn’t have a live pen tool, hence why these illustrations I’ve made have black outlines – but I do quite like the style I’m trying to develop.

So, long story short, I took a couple of selfies and tried to revamp them! For first attempts, I’m really happy with how they turned out. They’re really simple, just a pen and a fill tool – but it’s fun making these! I really want to develop more, and work on creating less messy and more detailed portraits – maybe some adaptations of landscape photos too.

I might have to download in Illustrator trial to teach myself proper illustration – it’s such a cool program and I got to try it out on my work experience. So thank you, @ Pinterest + the cool people at the office I worked with.



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