Miniature London | Tilt-Shift Photography

Today, I went on a trip with my work, and it involved going up on the Emirates Airline in London, near the O2 arena. I love going on the airline, even if I do get properly freaked out if I think about the height too much while I’m up there.

As my job involves a camera, I took a few seconds out of work mode to get some shots from up above, looking over London – it’s a more industrial area, so my shots looked pretty mundane and uneventful.

Howeverrrr, I started playing around with the tilt-shift focuses in Photoshop when I got home. I adore tilt-shift photography, where the focal blurs make cityscapes appear as though they’re tiny model villages. I don’t get the chance to make images like this often, so I figured it would be fun to play with the filter in Photoshop!


So, those were the results. They came out quite a lot better than I thought they would – I like them! I’d love to work on this kind of photography more in the future, as I love the tilt-shift effect. ALSO AREN’T U ALL GLAD THIS POST IS THE FIRST IN A MONTH THAT DOESN’T FEATURE MY FACE.

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 3/12/16

LOCATION: london, the emirates airline

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