Bella | Experimenting with Holographic Foil

A book arrived in the post today, wrapped in holographic foil – it looked super pretty, so went on my bookish Instagram straight away!

Then suddenly I remembered a post on Pinterest I’d seen, where someone had wrapped a sheer scarf around a lens, to produce a rose-tinted effect. I thought it was pretty cool but I’d never tried it before. I thought this could be a cool opportunity to try out the technique, with this material.

So, I cut out a section of the foil, just larger than my lens, and secured it using a rubber band. If secured tightly, the tint will be one colour, but while shooting, it’s easy to scrunch up the part over the lens, to produce a much cooler multi-colour effect.


I wasn’t sure how well it would work, and I didn’t have the chance to organise something to shoot, so… I used my cat! This was a very impromptu experiment, but I’m really happy with the effect and I’d really like to try it out properly in the future.


I also took some photos in the same style to tweet about the book I was sent! You can see those photos here.

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 30/5/17



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