Paper Projects | Experiments in Photoshop

Especially when I don’t have plans to go out anywhere, I work on my Photoshop skills by coming up with surreal concepts at home. I’ve done this a lot in the last few months, because intense school work and exams have meant I don’t have the time (or energy) to go to new places.

I realised that although I put them on my Flickr, they don’t appear here because they’re single photos rather than photo series. So I’ve grouped a few together that I made over exam season for this post.

The first one isn’t an original concept – I saw a similar (and much nicer) image on Pinterest and thought I’d recreate it for some practice. Then I moved onto the later images, with my own ideas.


They’re not perfect, but I think they’re okay for first attempts! Now I’ve started grasping the basics of this kind of editing, I want to start implementing it in portrait shoots – which I’ve already done a couple of – more of that in a later post.

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: february-april 2017



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