Portrait Shoot | Croydon Street Art

I’ve been wanting to do some portrait shoots that aren’t school-related for a while. So I did a street art shoot with this nice human!

I also wanted to properly try out using holographic foil. Although it does work for some of these images, in retrospect I think it would have been better to do two separate shoots rather than combining the two ideas.

St George’s walk in Croydon looks a little abandoned from a distance, but there’s so much vibrant artwork adorning the archways and shopfronts around the area. It’s legal to install your artwork there, and paintings are constantly being updated and regenerated. They’re really fantastic and make some great photo backdrops too.


This was more of a trial shoot so I could get used to photographing others, as most portraits I take are self portraits. In shoots I’ll do in the future I’ll be more focused on lighting, but I’m happy with the experimental outcome of these.

More in a later post!

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: june 2017

LOCATION: croydon, st george’s walk


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