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hello lovely people!

so i’ve been running this blog for a good while now, and i love it. this little corner of wordpress, as well as my flickr, have become my favourite places to share photos. over the years they’ve become huge archives of my photography as it’s developed (film pun anyone?)

howeverrrr, i’m starting paid photography this summer*. and anyone trying to get their work out there and book shoots needs a portfolio, right? this blog is full of my creations but it’s a bit too full. so for the time being, i’ve made a new photography portfolio on tumblr, which i’ll be updating all of the time to show off the range of images i like to create.

of course, this blog is still alive! i’ll be posting as usual on here, but highlights and my best work, particularly from future paid work, will be selectively put onto this snazzy new portfolio site. so check that out!

2017-07-30 (4)

*yep, i’m giving this thing a go! i’m not at a professional standard, but as a broke student, i need a job and this is also the perfect opportunity for me to develop my skills more and decide if i would like to pursue photography as a career in the long term.

if you’d be interested me taking some photos for you, let me know! i’m south london based, mainly shooting portraits for individuals, couples and families in natural light settings. check out my contact page if you want to get in touch. prices will be low and great value.


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