Conceptual Portrait Series | this is what it feels like

A selection from this photo series has been entered into an Adobe competition, and if you like them, you can vote for them via the links at the bottom of this post!

Adobe’s #CreateDialogue competition asks young people to use their lens to open up a conversation about an issue in their community. My first concept for this competition is based around queer identity and mental health.

LGBTQ youth are statistically more likely to experience bullying, mental health issues, and self harm – in comparison with their peers. The many statistics on this are shocking. For example, Stonewall reports that 3 in 5 LGB youth, and 4 in 5 trans youth have self harmed.

The sobering statistics and stories I’ve read got me thinking about how suffering queer youth must feel, especially if they’re in the closet. Often, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can result from living in a homophobic/transphobic community. How can you seek help for your mental health, when you don’t know how those around you will react to your identity?


This triptych of self portraits aims to explore that. As a queer teenager with mild anxiety, in recent years, it’s been difficult to talk about feeling anxious without explaining some of the root causes. Especially when you’re queer, closeted and unable to seek mental health support, it can feel as though you’re invisible. Fading away. People can’t see the true you.

I decided to create double-exposure portraits in order to convey how it feels. So. This is what it feels like. I really hope this triptych us able to shift someone’s perspective, and consider the difficult situations some LGBT youth are in.

I hope this post inspired at least one person to help create a dialogue! If you want to know more, the leading UK and US charities for LGBT youth are Stonewall and The Trevor Project.

If you think my work is impactful, a vote on the Adobe page would be incredible. Voting takes two minutes; simply log in via Adobe, Facebook or Google, then click vote on the image(s) you love. Do check out other entrant’s images too, for more attempts to #CreateDialogue about social issues! 

CAMERA: canon eos 100d

DATE: 10.8.17

LOCATION: st ann’s road, kensington


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