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georgia | 17 | blogger | student | london

My first camera was a Fujifilm Finepix S – it was a second-hand one, passed down from my dad, and in the few months I used it I fell in love with the idea of capturing moments and creating pretty images. I switched to a Canon Powershot in 2014, which furthered my love for photography even more, and then using a family member’s old EOS 350d, I realised I could do so much more with a DSLR.

Fast forward to mid-2015: with my first Saturday job, I saved up for a newer Canon EOS 100d. I’m in love with it. I take it everywhere I go, and I’ll photograph anything and everything.

I’m not the best at photography, but I’m hoping to improve a lot. Improving is part of the reason I decided to start this blog – who knows, maybe someone will stumble across it and give me some feedback! Also, it’s nice to have somewhere I can talk about my photos and photography in general, at length, if I want to – beyond my Flickr.

I have a diploma in photography from the Institute of Photography, and am also most hopefully going to be studying the subject at A Level starting in September.

I’ve always secretly wanted a personal lifestyle blog, too – but I’ve never really felt like I do enough stuff to regularly update one – so expect some anecdotes and adventures on this blog accompanying some of my photos.


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